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SocialxBusiness Digital Marketing Agency in Redding, CA - Smart Marketing for Today. At SocialxBusiness we have combined years of business & marketing education, training & experience with the power of todays Social Media platforms. We offer Digital & Social Media Marketing, Development & Management Services. 

Social Marketing Services

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with social media. SOCIALXBUSINESS Marketing Services can help you incorporate an effective social media presence into your marketing strategy. 

Build Your Brand & See Results

We help you deliver the content to your audience & provide measurable analytics that allow you to see exactly how your marketing strategy is performing & who it’s reaching. Your ROI is right in front of you with every paid campaign!

Save Money & Resources

Social Marketing is always changing & takes time to implement & time to learn. Increase your outreach without using valuable in-house resources by letting us do the work for you!


Social Management Services

Managing daily activity, engaging with your audience & monitoring your return engagement has never been easier. SOCIALXBUSINESS Management Services can help you look alive, stay engaged & take your social media presence to the next level.

Return Engagement

One of the key elements to social media success is audience engagement. How do you get your audience to engage more? We know & we are here to help!

Social Development Services

Wether you are just starting out or you simply are ready for some professional help, SOCIALXBUSINESS Development Services can help you develop a quality social media outreach to build your brand & spread the word.

Beauty Attracts

The concept is simple & proven, beauty does attract. What you look like on social media will leave many with an instant first impression about your business as a whole. We can help you not only develop your social media accounts, but we can help you look good too!