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Social Media Marketing & Management Services - Smart Marketing for Today. At SocialxBusiness we have combined years of business & marketing education, training & experience with the power of todays Social Media platforms. We offer Digital & Social Media Marketing, Development & Management Services. 






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Below is an outline of 4 basic packages that we offer for Facebook Management & Marketing

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*Additional Social Media platforms can be added to the Facebook Management Services such as Instragram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Facebook + Instagram Ad Campaign Packages

These packages are again an outline of what we offer for clients who are looking for Social Media Marketing services only.

Custom plans are available for up to 250 ad-placements monthly.

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Social Media Development

The Social Media pages for your business are the same as windows in the front of a physical location. It tells a story & it communicates directly to your potential clients & customers. Social Media Development Services start at just $199.

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