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Full Service Marketing Agency, Redding CA. We are a California based marketing agency that offering services to help small, medium and large businesses attain their business goals, reach more people and make more money.



SocialxBusiness started out organically as one entrepreneur who had experienced success & growth within social media marketing & advertising helping another business implement the same tools to achieve success. This first interaction of simply offering to help another local business with their Facebook quickly spread by word of mouth from business to business and it soon became clear that there was a real need among so many different businesses for quality social media marketing, management & development. Thus SocialxBusiness was born & has since grown into a full-fledged Marketing Agency.


It's simple really... We are passionate about your success! We believe in smart marketing, which means getting real results with the money being spent.


To advance trackable business results via proven Marketing, Management, Development & Creative Solutions.

OUR Clients

In spending thousands of hours working with clients we have found that almost all of our clients fit into three main categories.

Category 1: No Time. We find our clients in this category are active in Social Media & Marketing, have a basic to moderate understanding of how it works, but simply don’t have the time to properly manage & implement it themselves. Typically these clients don’t have the time needed to train an in-house employee to stay up-to-date on current advancements or trends in Marketing or have had turnover in such positions & now find it more affordable to hire an agency.  Most of our clients in this category have tried using traditional marketing platforms, but question its effectiveness & lack of analytical reporting that shows exactly were their money was spent & what results were generated.

Category 2: Don’t Know Where To Start.  We find that our other major client group is of those who simply don’t know where to start or how to start. This client understands the importance of what they are missing out on but doesn't really know where to begin to get in the game or catch up.  There efforts to try & figure it out for themselves has left them frustrated & in some cases being taken advantage of by large “one size fits all” marketing agencies that are providing services to them that aren't even really making a difference (like paying $300 a month for one post a week, yes it's out there).

Category 3: Real Results. Our third client category consists of businesses who have seen real results & know how valuable hiring an agency like SocialxBusiness can be.  Most of these clients have spent thousands on traditional marketing services such as television, print & radio only to be won over by digital platforms such as Social Media & Search Engine Marketing. Most of these clients come to us via referral from other business owners that we have worked with in the past or are currently working with now.

Our Brand

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Social: adjective - “Relating to society or its organization.”
Business: noun - “The practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce.”
Marketing: noun - “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”
Flag: verb - “draw attention to.”

The “X” in our name is in reference to the symbol of multiplication. Our goal is to multiply your business! We do this through marketing your business within the societal group in which you desire to do business. In other words we want to help you draw attention to your business, service or products. Hence the flag!

Our Founder


Our Productions

We have several event brands in which we own, produce & market here in our local community. A lot of our early clients were businesses who participated in our events & were impressed by the marketing of the event they participated in & in turn hired us to help them market their business. Our brands include:

Our Clients

These are some of our current & past clients that we have worked with.