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7 Uncomplicated Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media

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Social media can be a frustrating medium for marketing. Sometimes it seems like there is no one paying attention to what we are posting. And in the ever-increasing sea of individuals and brands that are using social media, it can be overwhelming trying to find new ways to get those likes, clicks, or shares. 

And social media marketing is ineffective without engagement. To get your audience commenting, liking, sharing and clicking on your posts, you need to entertain them, inspire a reaction and spark intrigue. The better you do this, the more engaged your followers will be. 

Below are 7 uncomplicated and straightforward ways to increase engagement on social media.

1. Educate & entertain in order to engage

The end goal of social media marketing is usually to sell something over a period of time. But the immediate goal is to do one of two things: educate or entertain.

We must educate or entertain our audience in order to engage with them. This is the basis for the rest of the points in this article. 

If we want to seriously engage with our audience, we must educate and entertain them.

Educate: One powerful way to increase engagement on social media is to educate your audience. This means posting useful, helpful content, commonly referred to as content marketing. Sharing useful and educational blogs, graphics, videos, and information that is relevant to your audience is one of the best ways to skyrocket engagement.

Entertain: Use humor if it applies to your brand. Because people follow people, not blogs, businesses, or brands. People want to connect with a real person. Be honest, and be yourself. Use wit or sarcasm if that's how you are in real life. If you can entertain people consistently, they will want to be loyal fans for a long time.

2. Hold a contest or giveaway

One way to increase your social media engagement is to hold a contest or giveaway. These contests are very common these days, so it’s important to try to stand out and do something different or unusual for your brand.

One way this is done is to ask people to like, share, or follow, or a combination of those three actions, in order to "enter" your giveaway or contest. To gain even more traction and engagement, consider promoting your contest with paid advertising. Get creative and think outside the box about ways you can stand out from the crowd.

| The happier your audience is, the more they will want to brag about you to their friends.

If done right, a good contest will spread the word about your brand, gain new followers, and make the winner or winners very happy. The happier your audience, the more they will want to brag about you and your brand to their friends.

So don’t just create any contest. Think outside the box and come up with something your fans will want to participate in, share and discuss on yours and their social media sites.

3. Tag People & Brands When Posting

Whenever you share someone else’s content, make sure to tag the original publisher. This is the easiest way to attract the attention of the original content creator. They may post a comment thanking you for the share.

This is more specific to Facebook and Instagram, as they both have very good tagging capabilities. Add the location of where you are if possible. And make sure to tag any brands, companies, or people who are involved in your post. When you tag another brand on Facebook, for example, Facebook will notify that brand that you have tagged them, and your post will show up on their Timeline for all their fans to see. And if the brand shares your post, you can get even more exposure.

Don't forget to tag, tag, tag! It's a powerful tool to increase your reach and engagement. 

4. Ask Questions Creatively

Asking your fans generic questions may get some responses. But if you really want inspired engagement, you must use your imagination.

Ask questions with multiple-choice answers, and you’re likely to get more responses. Include a fun graphic with a question for something different. Ask questions to get to know your audience. 

Think outside the box.

Post questions your audience wants to answer. Remember, your audience wants to connect with a real human, and they want to be treated the same. Get to know them. Photos and a little bit of humor do wonders for engagement.

5. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content means that your fans create and share your content. It can be incredibly impacting way to increase engagement if done the right way.

For example, Starbucks did a contest asking their customers to draw designs on their Starbucks cups, and then take pictures of the designs and share on social media with a specific hashtag. The result? Thousands of people did this, and it gave Starbucks essentially free marketing and boosted social media engagement without a ton of work.

This could be worked into a contest quite easily. Ask your fans to share their pictures on social media, and the winner gets to be featured on your page. When your fans contribute to the content on your page, they’re more likely to engage and get their friends to join in. It's a win-win for everybody.

6. Consistency Is more important than quantity

As humans, we hate inconsistency. We like things to be in order, we like to know what's going on, and we certainly don't like surprises. And as brands, we must ask ourselves the question of "Am I putting out a consistent image of my brand? Am I establishing trust by being consistent in keeping my promises?"

But we often violate those promises on social media by being inconsistent. We post at multiple different times during the day. We post 30 times one week, and then take a week off, and then post 10 times the following week. We use hashtags on some posts, but forget to use them on others.

| Inconsistency destroys trust.

And inconsistency destroys trust. So we must work on staying consistent with our brands on social media. Be intentional about posting at specific times of the day, on specific days of the week. Be intentional about sharing specific, focused, and relevant content. Be intentional about showing up when you say you'll show up. And watch as the trust and engagement with your audience starts to pay dividends.

7. People don’t refer ugly

Your audience wants to trust you, and they want to engage with you and your brand. But we have to keep in mind that people are putting their reputations at stake every time they interact with your brand. They want to share beautiful things with their friends, but if your brand has bad design, the likelihood that they will want to engage with you and talk about your product is unfortunately much lower. 

People don't refer ugly. At the heart of almost every successful brand is good design. Because people love to share beautiful things. So if you want more engagement, make sure that your design is strong, beautiful, and focused.

Your Facebook page header should be designed by a professional. Your headshot should be taken by a professional. Your website should be built by a professional. Remember, people love referring beautiful things. Make so that your social media pages and posts are consistent with your brand in a beautiful way.

How do you engage your audience on social media?

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