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Relevant content + target advertising made simple. 2x Daily posts to your Facebook & Twitter + $75 in paid advertising through Facebook’s ad platform.

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Take your social media advertising to a professional level.

We offer powerful tools and detailed insights into your audience demographics & ad performance to ensure your business is getting the absolute best return on investment with trackable and proven results.

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7-Days A Week

365-Days A Year

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Custom Ad

Facebook Desktop, Mobile, Audience Network & Instagram Ad Options.

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Detailed Data

Full analytic reporting each month with detailed audience insights.



Make changes to your ads as the results come in for the best ROI.

Our Premium + Ad + Management plan takes things to a whole new level. You get the same great service and value of our Premium + Ad plan with 2x daily posts to your Facebook & Twitter business accounts with $75 in paid advertising through Facebook’s powerful ad platform which includes Facebook Desktop, Facebook Mobile, Instagram & Facebook’s Audience Network, additionally we bump up the custom ad design to 2 custom ads & offer full Ad Management along with monthly Ad Analytics. Ad Management enables real-time ad management & adjustments with all of your ads. For example if you were a local restaurant running an ad campaign targeted towards local men & women with an interest in food, beer, wine etc. but we noticed you are getting a much higher click-through rate from the "beer audience" we would shift your total monthly budget in real-time to the "beer audience" to capitalize on the increased click-through rate which was being generated by that target audience.